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Nottingham Forest Batting Cages Proposal

Dear NF Homeowners in the Nottingham Forest Women’s Club -
I want to be certain you are all aware of an idea which has been presented to the NF Civic Association (the NF homeowners’ association) that deserves your review.  The proposal calls for the construction of a batting cage on Nottingham Forest Club property near the swimming pool and tennis courts.  Concerns have been raised in the neighborhood about this proposal, and I feel it’s important that all NF homeowners are aware of what’s being considered in terms of the cost, liability concerns, as well as the benefits our community might enjoy from this enhancement.

The next Nottingham Forest Civic Association Board of Trustees meeting is Wednesday, March 25 at 7:00pm at the NF Clubhouse. Each meeting begins with Homeowner Comments and Questions in an open forum. Your attendance is warmly welcomed.

Best wishes,

Michele Higgins

NFWC NF Club Committee Liaison

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