N O T T I N G H A M   F O R E S T   W O M E N 'S  C L U B
F R I E N D S   A N D   N E I G H B O R S   S I N C E   1 9 7 0 

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Savoring Our History

Historic pages from two of Nottingham Forest Women's Clubs cookbooks: A Forest of Recipes from Nottingham from 1973, and A Feast in the Forest of Nottinham from are viewiable below. Both cookbooks include great recipes and tips from previous years and are sure to inspire. Enjoy!

A Forest of Recipes From Nottingham - 1973

Peruse this collection of recipes from year's past.

A Feast in the Forest of Nottingham - 1982

A book of recipes sure to inspire.



Welcome to the Nottingham Forest Women’s Club! We’d for you to join us as we embark on a new year of activities, programs, fellowship & fun!

We are pleased to announce that we have 124 members to date. We also have 74 members on Facebook. Invite your neighbors and friends to join us. Dues are $30 per year.

CLICK:  Click the Pay Now Button to the left. 
($1.50 service fee from Paypal is added to your charge.) 

MAIL:  Send your $30 check made out to “NFWC” to:  Patricia Redman, 13615 Still Bay Court, Houston, TX 77077 
Please put your email address on the, "memo" line when paying by check and you'll receive a receipt confirmation.

For more information please contact Pam Ferworn, Membership Chair at:  pferworn@comcast.net